Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now what?

Nil-nil draw to bottom-dweller Wigan.  Bent injured.  Keane leaving.  Today's game was 90+7 mins of frustration and wishing we received points for errant passes.  Sigh.  The ongoing strategy of playing defense and kicking the hail mary long ball has got to stop.  It's like watching a hockey game and Villa's opponent is always on the "power play".  Clearing the zone for a 2-min hockey penalty is one thing, but using this defensive strategy for the entire game at full-strength?  C'mon now.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend off

Its a weekend off for Villa since we got booted out of the FA Cup.  Thought it would be a good time for a  "State of the Villa" post.

(1) Injuries - They have hurt us this year, but injuries impact every team.

(2) McLeish - I understand the frustration many of the supporters feel about the manager and his less-than-stellar performance so far this season.  I'm frustrated as well.  His strategy for starting lineups and substitutes leaves me very confused.  But, he isn't on the filed playing either.  Each player needs to take responsibility as well.

(3) Lerner - He is a business man first (just like any sports team owner).  I have a hard time getting on his case because I have to deal with Lew Wolff  (Owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and the San Jose Earthquakes football team).  He has personally destroyed the Oakland A's and I believe has  done so on purpose so he can move the team out of Oakland.  I'd like to support my local MLS team, but I can't because of his ownership.

(4) Attendance - It's way down this season, but I gotta believe some of it has to do with the struggling economy (although most of it has to do with the performance of the team).  Winners seem to always attract supporters - at any cost.

(5) Young Guns - Let's get some of the young guns from the reserves out there on the pitch!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Didn't Expect to Win, but...

Manchester City coming to Villa Park wasn't looking like a game that Villa could compete let alone win.  But it was nil-nil at the half and all of Man City's scoring chances stayed close, but out of the Villa net.  Despite the defense holding on, offensive chances did not appear until very late in the second half.  What do we need to do to turn our Villa fortunes around?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Unable to Extend Keane Loan...(so far)

I am glad to hear they at least tried.  But maybe it is about $.... I remember Beckham's loan extension to Milan was not supposed to happen, but then it did.  Try again Villa - Robbie Keane makes the season bearable.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Kit Producer Announced

Villa's 5-year partnership ends this season and the Club has announced a new record-breaking partnership with Italian company Macron.   No designs have been leaked yet.  The Nike partnership was problematic - the worst example was when Nike's Villa kit wasn't availalbe until months into the Premier League season.

What are people's thoughts?   It doesn't really matter to me - except for I am still hoping for "Acorns" to find its way back on the shirts somewhere (even if it is only a small graphic image of an acorn on the sleeve or something).

Monday, February 6, 2012

1-2 defeat to Newcastle Utd

Another Villa loss.  We were tied 1-1 through 70 minutes, but just couldn't hold on.  Robbie Keane looked very frustrated several times (being open and not getting a pass).  It is frustrating right now for all Villa supporters.  Our play is not consistent at all.  Having Heskey back in the midfield again is a bad move.  I hope Albrighton is fit soon - we need him badly. 


Thanks to all who visit this site regularly (AVFC California has surpassed 20K hits)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Draw with QPR; Albrighton on the Shambolic Football Podcast

The battle with QPR started very poorly with Villa falling behind nil-2 early.  But Villa came alive right at the end of the first half with Darren Bent's 100th career Premier League goal.  Villa started playing  some attacking football in the second half and Charles N'Zogbia knocked in the equalizer in the 79th minute to help Villa salvage a point.


Marc Albrighton was a special guest on the most recent Shambolic Football Podcast - a program co-produced by one of our AVFC California members Ken K.  and his mates in Santa Ana.