Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AVFC California - Match Viewing

AVFC Members will be gathering at Kezar Pub (San Francisco) and The Olde Ship Pub (Santa Ana) on Sunday, 14 April, to watch Aston Villa vs. Newcastle United.  Kickoff is 7:00 am (Pacific)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I don't understand

So - who can explain why Houllier rested so many regulars in Villa's defeat in the FA Cup 5th round vs. Man City??  (No A. Young, Albrighton, or Downing).  Huh?? We still had the opportunity for some glory this season - and there was no need to hold out key players because we are not in the race for the Premiership title or hovering close to relegation.  So we go down to City 3-nil and then our "rested" players come up short to Bolton today in our Premier League match.  So why did it look like we were "resting" people??

Villa had all of the chances to win today - Bent missed some key opportunities right in front of the net.



  • Cahill 45,75 Klasnic 86
3 - 2

Aston Villa

  • Bent 15 Albrighton 64
Aston Villa