Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AVFC California - Match Viewing

AVFC Members will be gathering at Kezar Pub (San Francisco) and The Olde Ship Pub (Santa Ana) on Sunday, 14 April, to watch Aston Villa vs. Newcastle United.  Kickoff is 7:00 am (Pacific)


  1. Big game Rick .
    Time for all true Villians to step up .
    It doesn't matter right now what you think of the manager and his tactics . Whether the players should be playing for the badge , the supporters or just the fact that they get paid to play 100%
    All true supporters should turn up to both pubs and give 110 %
    It's easy to be a fan when things are rosy .
    I remember Rotterdam and I remember getting relegated back in the 80's .
    These are the highs and the lows of the game friends
    Owners and players come and go .
    We're the only constant
    Turn up at the Olde Ship and Kezar for Newcastle and give the team the support you've pledged as a Villa fan
    We're Villa till we die

  2. The dates on this post and the mass email were messed up.

    4/2 Everton (A) 10:00 AM ET Prem
    4/10 Newcastle (H) 11:00 AM ET Prem
    4/16 West Ham (A) 10:00 AM ET Prem

  3. Looking forward in seeing a lot of Claret and Blue next Sunday morning at Kezar Pub. See you under the AVFC California flag!