Monday, April 4, 2011

UPDATE: AVFC vs Newcastle kickoff time

Thanks for the comments re: our upcoming "Villa Viewing" this coming Saturday.  There was a question about the kickoff time (I originally had it down as 7am PT).  The fixture is listed as 3:00pm on the Villa website (this is Birmingham time).  I checked Fox Soccer Channel site and it lists the game starting at 11am (ET), which translate to 8am (PT) for us.  Maybe the problem is he Daylight Savings Time change?  If I had to choose I had to choose a time, I would go with what FSC lists (since they are broadcasting it).

So the update is that kickoff is 8:00 am PT this Sunday, 10 April. 

Sounds like we'll have good size groups at both Kezar and The Olde Ship!

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