Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend off

Its a weekend off for Villa since we got booted out of the FA Cup.  Thought it would be a good time for a  "State of the Villa" post.

(1) Injuries - They have hurt us this year, but injuries impact every team.

(2) McLeish - I understand the frustration many of the supporters feel about the manager and his less-than-stellar performance so far this season.  I'm frustrated as well.  His strategy for starting lineups and substitutes leaves me very confused.  But, he isn't on the filed playing either.  Each player needs to take responsibility as well.

(3) Lerner - He is a business man first (just like any sports team owner).  I have a hard time getting on his case because I have to deal with Lew Wolff  (Owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and the San Jose Earthquakes football team).  He has personally destroyed the Oakland A's and I believe has  done so on purpose so he can move the team out of Oakland.  I'd like to support my local MLS team, but I can't because of his ownership.

(4) Attendance - It's way down this season, but I gotta believe some of it has to do with the struggling economy (although most of it has to do with the performance of the team).  Winners seem to always attract supporters - at any cost.

(5) Young Guns - Let's get some of the young guns from the reserves out there on the pitch!

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