Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can't Wait!

  • Friday August 16
    • 12:00pm the first beers start to flow at the Globe
    • 12:00pm - 5:00pm various classic Villa matches to be played on the TV's
    • 5:30pm leave the Globe and head on the 80 bus to the friendly at Montrose and Lake Shore Drive (Those of you coming to the bar, remember to bring your kit/boots).
    • 6:30pm warm up and overview of tactics prior to the big match
    • 6:32pm final beers prior to starting the game (that's just for Peever and Butler!)
    • 7:00pm - 8:30pm the BIG game
    • 9:00pm return to the Globe
    • 10:00pm 'til whenever - more classic Villa games and "team building" with our Globe Staff and patrons
  • Saturday August 17
    • 6:30am - for those who are partially coherent, meet at the Globe for the opening game of the 2013/14 season (Liverpool vs Stoke). A good chance to get the vocal chords warmed up for the big event!
    • 8:15am - I strongly advise if you cannot make it for the opening game, you get to the bar no later than this time. I have a feeling it is going to be very busy, and we want to claim our territory!
    • 8:30am - Group photo outside the bar (To be submitted to AVFC for printing in a match day program, and on the website)
    • 9:00am - the warm up is all complete and the season starts in earnest. Come on you LIONS!!!
    • 10:50am we mock the Gooners relentlessly as they cry into their collective beers having played one, won none!
    • 11:30am The mocking continues as the plastic Mancs struggle against Swansea
    • 2:00pm head to Southport Lanes ( for a pool competition. Ity is just a 10 minute CTA ride from the Globe. 6 tables for 2 hours costs $300. If we have a minimum of 15 people interested this is just $20 per person. Additional drink packages are available, for example an incremental $20 per person gets you Domestic beer, wine and soda for the 2 hours. We could do a $5-$10 entry fee and winner takes 60%, runner up 30%, third place 10%. Please let me know if this is of interest ASAP so I can try to book a private party for us.
    • 6:00pm return to the Globe
    • 8:00pm (approximately) Raffle prizes will be drawn. Details below
  • Sunday August 18
    • 7:30am For the early risers Crystal Palace vs Benteke-less Spurs!
    • 10:00am The "special one" returns to pit his wits against the mighty Hull
    • 12:00pm Take the 80 bus to the lake and watch some of the air and water show
    • 3:00pm for those still in town, return to the Globe for some final alcoholic lubrication.

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