Monday, January 2, 2012

More of the Same

Well, the players had the same names and they were wearing claret and blue, but it sure didn't look like the same team that beat Chelsea just days ago.  The difference?  Bent in, Albrighton out.  Seems that the team plays completely different when Bent is in.  Simon A. also pointed out that Villa is really only playing with 10 players on defense when Bent is in.  I agree.  The offensive play is focused on Bent which is really one-dimensional.  Without Bent, all the other players need to think a little more offensively and keeps the other team guessing more.  Can't figure out why AML didn't go with the same starting 11 that played against Chelsea?  We definitely could have used Albrighton's pace.  Seemed like Villa was always a step or two behind Swansea players.  Oh well...back to normal.  Villa loses 2-nil.

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