Sunday, May 22, 2011

Congratulations Villa!

Stuart Downing scored and goal in the 33' and that was enough for Villa to capture the win over Liverpool 1-nil.  Villa finishes 9th in the table - a fantastic finish considering we were close to the relegation zone more than once this season.

Man Utd claims another Premiership crown (19th).  West Ham, Birmingham, and Blackpool are relegated to the Championship and coming up to the Premiership next season are Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Norwich City (former team of Darren Huckerby, who played very briefly for MLS San Jose Earthquakes here in the SF bay Area.  The final team to be promoted will be determined in a playoff between Swansea City and Cardiff City (at Wembley).


  1. After all that mess of a season, we somehow ended up 9th.

    Is it just me or did it seem that the team played better under Gary McAllister?

    Also, contrary to many I will be sad to see Young leave, and I hope that Fridel doesn't leave. Many EPL Clubs, including Liverpool, want him even though many a Villa fan has been very critical of him .

    Next year should be interesting!

  2. 9th place finish after that season is a miracle. I did like what GM did to finish up the season.

  3. GMac played payers in their correct positions .