Monday, July 12, 2010

How Do Americans View Football Now?

I know - referring to the Beautiful game as "football" just confuses Americans. The U.S. had a very good showing this year in South Africa - comebacks, excitement, "never give up" attitude. Has this year's World Cup had any positive impact on how Americans see football? I certainly hope so, but any change will be glacial. Where does the U.S. fan turn to after the World Cup (especially new fans)? MLS? Maybe - but quite a step down in terms of standard of play and energy at the stadium. I hope that some Americans do pickup on the MLS and give it a try. What I believe is the most important step for Americans to make is to start following international club football. Fans new to football during the World Cup will see familiar names in European club football and these fans may even begin to support a particular team (Recommendation: Aston Villa FC!!).

Only time will tell. Up the Villa!

Why Americans Don't Appreciate Football (Soccer)

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