Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is coming up for Man City? Tottenham? Liverpool? Villa?

Manchester City The next game for City is Birmingham City and then games against Man Utd and Arsenal. If we can keep winning and City can drop 2 out of 3....anything can happen!

Let's see, Tottenham has Portsmouth in the other FA Cup semifinal and then the following 3 premiership games: Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man Utd. looks good!

Liverpool: First has Benfica in a Europa League match, and then the following 3 Premiership games: Fulham, West Ham, and Burnley.

VILLA: We first have Chelsea in our re-match (FA Cup semifinal), and then these 3 league matches: Everton, Portsmouth, and Hull City. Not horrible.

My (TOTALLY BIAS) Predictions

4. Manchester City (59)
5. Tottenham (58)
6. Liverpool (54)

Man City over Birmingham City, but losses to both Chelsea and Man Utd (+3)
Spurs lose to all 3 (Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man Utd.) (0)
Liverpool loses to Fulham, draws with West Ham, and beats Burnley (+4)
Villa, of course beats Everton, Portsmouth, and Hull City (+9)

After the next 3 Premiership matches:
4. Manchester City (64)
6. Tottenham (58)
7. Liverpool (58)


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