Saturday, March 6, 2010

AVFC California Represented

AVFC California member Mark S. represented AVFC California for the League cup final at Wembley. Mark visited family and friends while there and then took in the final. He sent in this photo and here are a few remarks from his email:

"Wembley is a fantastic stadium - easily the best I've ever been in - I don't think there is a bad seat in the place - it puts the old ground to shame, Villa fans seem to get there much earlier then Man. U. fans - I think it was a little old hat for the Man U. fans and all the Villa were clearly enjoying the day out. Shame about the result - I felt sorry for some of the little kids near me who were all in tears, I heard a lot of people saying - it'll be alright we'll be back here this season for the Semi's and the final of the FA cup. Man. U. fans after the game wished us well in the league but they admitted it was mostly because they didn't want t Liverpool or man. City getting the last spot."

Thanks Mark and UTV!

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